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Goji plants have been featured on health shows all across America such as Dr. Oz. They are being talked about in magzines and by the health community. Rightly so because most top food scientists agree Goji is the worlds number one super food.

 Goji Nursery.com is devoted to growing the best Goji plants. The nursery is a specialist propagator and breeder of Goji plants. We are located just blocks from the United States and Canadain border. Often called the pacific Northwest. The climate is mild with all the seasons including a very harsh and cold wimter. Hardiness is no problem for Goji plants because the come from the northern mountains of China. Goji berries are hardy to minus 23 degrees!

They grow upright as a bush. The blowers appear in the spring and are striking purpole star shaped, The berries follow starting as green and turning to yellow and then bright red. The bush is super attractive either in the ground or in pots.

The plant is a very hardy perennial. It is hardy in all areas of north America. Goji prefers a full sunny exposure but can succeed in areas receiving at least 6 hours sun. The more sun the more the plant will produce the red energy packed Goji berries.

 If grown in pots it is important to trim the bush down when it gets to tall as it will easily outgrow the pot. Grown in the garden they can grow to 7-8 ft tall. Keeping them about 5-6 ft tall is easy to manage and loads of fruit develope.

 Here are a few reasons why Gojinursery.com promotes raising your own Goji berries;


 Goji contains a polysaccharide in the fruit that is anti aging.


 Goji berries are the only food known to help the body stimulate human growth hormone naturally.This makes Goji  perhaps the greatest anti aging superfood known.


 Goji has 2-4 times the amount of anti oxidants as found in blueberries.


 Goji are good for strength building and are termed as energetic food.

 More leaves are eaten in China than are berries because the leaves contain the same nutrients. They are much more affordable by the working class so bunches are bought at vegetable markets weekly. The greens (leaves) are used in everything from soups, teas, stir fries and on salads.


 The Chinese doctors have used Goji to restore blindness for centuries.


 gojinursery.com ships strong rooted Goji plants by  super fast priority mail to your door. The shipping cost is free. Thats correct no cost for fast priority mail to ship Goji plants to your door!